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Murphy is America’s premier provider of quality softwood plywood, beautiful veneered hardwood plywood and panels and innovative engineered wood products. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Murphy makes the best use of every log.

By controlling the manufacturing process – from trees to finished products – Murphy provides exactly what customers require at a competitive price. It starts with peeling the logs, determining the best use for the veneer, and using up the entire core, so nothing is wasted.


Founded in 1909 and now in its second century of Murphy family ownership, the company’s longevity is often attributed to its consistent long-term investment in its facilities and people, its commitment to customer service and its continual development of innovative new products.

  • Hardwood

    Hardwood Plywood & Panels

    With more than 50 years experience manufacturing hardwood plywood and panels at its Eugene facility, Murphy sets the industry standard and delivers products that exceed national standards and often customer expectations. MORE »

  • Softwood

    Softwood Plywood

    For over 100 years Murphy has manufactured veneer-based wood products for customers who demand quality and unmatched service. Murphy’s softwood plywood panels are manufactured in accordance with the quality assurance requirements of the American Plywood Association (APA). MORE »

  • Engineered Wood

    Engineered Wood

    Murphy Douglas fir Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) provides superior performance and durability compared to  standard milled lumber products. We offer a wide range of engineered wood products, including flanges, studs, truss chords, crane mats, manufactured home marriage beams, concrete form panels and scaffold planks. MORE »